The Fans (working title) will highlight the enormous impact music and role models have on people's lives.
A colorful international cast of ABBA fans tell powerful life stories about unity, joy, creativity and living their lives to the max,
enabled by their common love of the unique music.

We are currently developing the script and casting.




Be a part of the ABBA fan doc challenge! Share your first reaction to ABBA’s new album ‘Voyage’, and send it to
Maybe YOUR video will be a part of THE FANS – the first documentary about true ABBA fans from all over the world!


- Put on headphones 🎧– we want the pure sound of YOUR reaction!!

- Film in wide format with the front camera of your phone, tablet, or PC/ Mac.

No filter 🎥

- Be yourself, be honest 🥳😭😱 in your own language!

- Before listening: Tell us what you expect from the Voyage album?

- After listening: Tell us how you feel 🙏

- Send it by to

That’s it! I can’t wait to see YOUR reaction!

It will mean the world to us - and many others 🌍



By uploading your reaction video, you confirm that it is your work, and approve its use in The Fans documentary project. In all forms and media, worldwide and perpetual. Thank you in advance!

All my love, from film director and ABBA fan for 47 years, Jan








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